Kyanite offers many amazing features that other manga apps do not, here is a few of those amazing things that Kyanite offers.

Read manga

With our app you can read pretty much any manga you want without any interruptions, chapters are immediately available for you to read.

No ads

Kyanite has absolutely zero advertisements. We guarantee you will not see a single ad on any part of our app. We hate ads and you probably do too.

Account Sync

Track and sync all of your manga, progress, page, and other information about what you are reading with our servers for cross device reading.


Download all of your favorite manga for offline viewing and tracking for when you are going on a long road trip, there is no fee or catch.

Free is the best

Nobody likes paying for things, and nobody likes advertisements either. It's very hard to find a good product without it either costing money or being filled with ads.



Not sure about downloading the app? These screenshots give you a small view into what the app actually looks like to use.

Download Kyanite Today!

The sooner you do it the quicker reading manga will stop being a pain. You know you want too ;)